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July 2019 – Livestream

On their monthly livestream the Renegades discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from Cyril’s utter incompetence to the looming disaster which is the NHI. Roman raises concern about the…


Gabriel Crouse

Investigative journalist and Palmer Fellow, Gabriel Crouse, joins the Renegades for this instalment. Gabriel discusses: – the underreported facts surrounding the Coligny case – the media’s involvement in the tinder…

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David Bullard

The guest on this episode of the Renegade Report is the inimitable David Bullard. During this free flowing conversation David and the hosts discuss everything from the decline of editors…


Anthea Jeffery

Dr Anthea Jeffery is a human rights lawyer and researcher well known for her work and understanding of South African politics, most especially as they relate to the ANC. Anthea…


Dragging Along The Bottom

In their monthly YouTube livestream the Renegades discuss whether South Africa is past the point of salvation, why Parliamentary violence has found its way onto the streets of Cape Town,…


Graeme Joffe

Veteran sports journalist Graeme Joffe is this episode’s guest. Graeme explains the circumstances which forced him to flee the country, how various South African sporting bodies and federations have been…


Pikkie Greef

Pikkie Greef is the National Secretary of the South African National Defense Union, and is this episode’s guest. Why he believes there is a need for a union which represents…


Right, Left and Damn Centrists

On this episode of the podcast the Renegades host a YouTube livestream during which they discuss a variety of topics: EU election results Helen Zille’s column Forecast for South Africa….


Frans Cronje

Frans Cronje is a popular guest and is best known as the CEO of the IRR. Frans spends an extended podcast providing incisive insight into the outcomes of the 2019…


Jason Werbeloff

Jason Werbeloff is a science fiction author and philosopher who posits that groups do not exist. This episode of the podcast explores his theory more deeply, discusses what relevance if…