About Us

The Renegade Report is a show where we will speak freely and discuss issues openly. Topics will be dissected through the lenses of economics, philosophy, history and sociology. There will be no sacred cows. It’s an antidote to the cultural censorious norm that debate has descended into.
A doctor and a lawyer walked into a podcast studio… and the world was never the same. The Renegade Report was born out of our frustration with the polite, safe discourse that seems to pervade all the ‘unsafe’ spaces.
We are the antidote to the trend of emotion, narrative crafting, and general mediocrity  of the modern real and online worlds.

So Who Are We?

Jonathan Witt

Jonathan Witt is a medical doctor, speaker, and co-founder of the Renegade Report. An opinionated classical liberal with questioning and cynical views, Jonathan is a fierce advocate for free speech, and believes that sunlight is the best disinfectant for bad ideas.
He considers the culture war and the battle of ideas surrounding it to be a seminal process in the world we live in as well as the one we wish to create in the future.

Roman Cabanac

Roman Cabanac is a fierce advocate of individualism, guns and non-aggression. Interests in economics, politics, philosophy and religion makes him competent in most things but an expert in none.