Renegade Report Is Independent.

After three years with the Cliffcentral, we have taken the deep dive and decided to become an independent podcast and creator. This means more shows, Youtube videos, livestreams and public events!


Important Stuff:

We have a new RSS Feed – this means that the show is on another channel on the podcast app. To receive new episodes, unsubscribe from the Renegade Report and click on the links below to subscribe to the new feed:



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Support Us:

If you want to send us a few Randelas (while they still have some value), you can do so here. Your donations will be used to increase content production and set up parallel shows and events that will spread the message of property rights, freedom of speech and community action.

A monthly donation of R50.00 is more sustainable than a single R500.00 donation but feel free to donate whatever you wish. The show will always be free but becoming a supporter will give you discounts on merchandise, events and you may even get the podcast a bit early.

If you are worried about donating, don’t be. You can buy one of our shirts (coming very soon) or share the podcast with your friends, family and (especially) your enemies.

What Now?

We want to create the dominant alternative media platform that will rival the corporate media narrative.

The average South African citizen is a pragmatic centrist who cares about having a job, educating their children and ensuring that there is food on the table.

The radical minority is not representative.

It is time to capture the narrative and flood the public domain with good arguments and persuasive debate. Help us by donating or get in touch if you can help us in any way. We are looking for advertisers, funders and investors.

Keep an eye out for new updates going forward.

Till then,


Roman & Jonathan



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