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Before everyone and their dog had their own podcast, we did. The Renegade Report was born on 1 March 2016 and has grown exponentially as more people wake up and smell the reality. Find some old favourites here, or subscribe on your app of choice to get new podcasts every week.


Here’s where you can listen to us, or watch us – freedom of choice is what we’re all about. If we feel like it, we might even write something once in a while.

The Future of Renegade Report

As the Renegade Report is independent, we want to embark on a journey. South Africa is in dire need of social commentary that explains and expands on ideas that work….

Kevin Freese

Being an entrepreneur in South Africa is difficult – one doesn’t only have to deal with market forces and political shenanigans but also with unions, unskilled labour and bargaining councils….

A New Beginning

Renegade Report Is Independent. After three years with the Cliffcentral, we have taken the deep dive and decided to become an independent podcast and creator. This means more shows, Youtube…